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An assumption is the obstacle to the truth and science is waiting for you to uncover the truth

About us

Engineer Mechanical, Vadodara, India.

Academic and Carrier

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering having 15+ years of experience in pressure/vacuum science and technology. Since 2011, I am working to uncover fundamental truth like what is fundamental science of gravity.  Also working on alternative concepts in renewable energy/make things easier and economical for public etc. Created this website to educate public, students, teachers etc.  Also, believe that most constants used in science are assumptions made by scientists to arrive at a probable decision. Pure science must be without a constant. Believe in 7 golden rules etc.

Papers published

1. Atmosphere has no energy as it is balanced between gravity and full vacuum universe.

Abstract: It should be agreed that all objects like planets, stars etc. floating in the full vacuum universe. It should also be agreed that atmosphere possessed by these objects is due to gravity and the it is in the open system full vacuum universe. Here, air molecules always try to escape in full vacuum universe against gravity to have uniformity in the universe. Means it is balanced between gravity and full vacuum universe. It is in science textbooks that the Earth’s atmosphere exerts pressure. But, to have pressure in the system, it must be isolated by boundary and its value is same at any point within. Here, Earth’s atmospheric air neither uniformly distributed nor in a closed system. It is known that gravity is holding each air molecule towards the Earth. On surface, air has high-density due to heavy molecules and as further go away molecules density decreases due to light mass molecules. This density difference is balanced between gravity and full vacuum universe. This paper uncovers the misconception regarding Earth’s atmosphere exerts pressure due to its air molecules vertical column mass. To prove the argument wrong, the barometer experiment is revisited. In this experiment author makes the effort to raise mercury filled tube up against gravity above the pot level then inverts it. Here, mercury level drops because of gravity which creates a vacuum in the top of the tube. This causes reduced surface energy inside wall of the tube. To be in the equilibrium state with the outer tube wall, inner wall surface tries to suck in all direction that holds mercury up against gravity that means tube mercury weight is balanced by surface energy difference between tbe walls.

Papers under prepation

1. Reason for Einstein’s general theory of relativity passes all the tests.

Astract: The relative strength of four fundamental forces hints that the science of gravity is hidden outside the microscopic limit that is the reason scientists fail to unify it with the other three fundamental forces. Below hypothesis uses object’s excess energy a macroscopic phenomenon generated due to disruption of intermolecular bonds. The root cause of these intermolecular bonds is electromagnetic force that by validating unification of gravity with other three forces. For Earth, most of the mole-cules inside the surface are saturated by bonding however, the molecules on the surface and at dif-ferent element interfaces inside the earth are not fully saturated. So, they get pulled inward which creates an absolute pressure that differs from outside full vacuum universe. This unbalanced abso-lute pressure in proportion to the projected cross-section area of the earth generates inward vacuum drag (absolute gravity) fig-1. Here, this thermodynamic phenomenon leads to Young-Laplace sur-face theory that is “If no force acts to a tensioned flat surface, the surface remains flat and it creates curvature in proportion to the applied force”. Einstein must have used this logic in the theory of general relativity for space-time fabric that is why he was able to predict new tests and that later confirmed. The reason for general relativity breaks down at diameter smaller than an atom that is because surface energy concept in the limit of a single molecule doesn’t work. This hypothesis solves many questions such as why all systems want to be in the least energy state by having spheri-cal shape, why planet Venus has a very dense atmosphere even though its gravity is similar the Earth. It answers why universal gravitational constant varies & why Mercury perihelion advances. It answers why tidal bulge acts on a macroscopic level and why dinosaur’s mass extinction oc-curred, it answers why dark matter & dark energy doesn’t required to explain galaxies rotation & expansion of universe, it answers why speed of gravity cannot be greater than electromagnetic force etc.

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